Our Vessel “Sandy” is a custom built 7 metre Spacecraft, built locally in Toronto by Belpray Marine. “Sandy” was first surveyed in 2004 for 7 passengers and 1 crew for fishing and harbour charters with a 2C survey allowing for 15 nautical miles seaward voyages.

Powered by twin 100hp Yamaha 4 stroke motors and a 250 litre fuel tank, “Sandy” has the speed and range to quickly travel to the reefs for our fishing desires.

Simply put, a customer once referred to the boat as the “Mighty 7 Metre”. A nice compliment that we think holds true to the boat and its potential. With great maneouverability and speed, it means we can quickly and easily follow a catch or school of fish.

We love our “Sandy” and we think you will too. So come along and see her for yourself!