Update 2014

March has brought better fishing with good catches of trag,snapper flathead and dolphin fish.

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Megan and Guy,marine researchers,caught these two jew as a by-catch when they were conducting research for Hunter Water off Dudley.

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Thanks Ryan

Thanks again Trev for an awesome day!!! My freezer is now packed to the roof with some beautiful flathead and trag! you were spot on with knowing where to fish and what bait to use. I noticed we were the popular boat pulling in excessive amounts and when you took us out to deeper water [...]

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Three Days of Nice Fish

  The¬†boys on Sunday bagged these fine trag and other fish.It's good to see a return to good fishing off Newcastle.Photo is courtesy of Anthony Miller.Well done boys.I hope Joel cooked them to perfection.

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Lachlan’s Flattie

It took me a while to catch up with this nice fish .

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