Numbfish a Shocking Surprise

At the weekend one of the boys caught this unusual looking fish.As he went to remove the hook he was given an electrical shock.I looked it up when I returned home and found that it is called a Numbfish and can shock up to 600 volts and cause temporary paralysis.Take care!                                                         

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The Smiles Say It All

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Fish are biting!

I know that it has been a while since my last fishing news but the fishing has been just ordinary and the water cold.We fished yesterday and were surprised by the variety and size of the fish; flathead,tarwine,trag,snapper and the largest trevali I've ever seen off Newcastle.A few fish were lost by those on board [...]

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Warmer Water More Fish

The warmer water over the last few days has seen an improvement in fish numbers off Newcastle.Tailer are abundant and good catches of tarwine,snapper and flathead as well as large leatherjackets are happening.

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Like the weather, the fishing off Newcastle has been inconsistent.These boys managed a feed last weekend but the long weekend has produced only a few good fish.However,there is good news with trag and flathead showing up straight out off Newcastle.The gravel is not fishing well at all.The water temperature is 17.9.

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